December 28, 2021

Game Start Date
Game Master
Kai Li


A Fallen Kingdom

Plot Synopsis

Party learned of the location of an abandoned castle just a few hours north of Centralia Island. at the castle the party learned some of the history of the Kingdom of Derago. however, due to some meddling, Party had found an alter and upon activating it a divine light shown down on the alter. the party then killed a single knight within the castle and learned that they belonged to Derago. Party then fund the Journals of the 5 knights of Derago. Astralas, Galdaric, Kirath, Jax, and Talric. through the journals party was able to learn where the tablet of Trium Matra, one of the primordial gods. was located, and that Knight Jax is after it.

Party soon came face to face with an army of 500 soldiers guided by one lone knight. thanks to Keket and Topaz's quick thinking and a clever use of spells and items were able to send the army tumbling into the icy waters and blow them sky high. party is now heading towards the archer family party where the tablet is located.

gold: none

Exp for non low rates: 2,700

Noteworthy Postgame Events