December 30, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller


Three years ago, a talented composer named Soren Leclair made his debut. Ever since, he has toured and performed for the high nobility, gaining a reputation as a passionate and talented artist. However, dark rumors followed the man: rumors that after each one of his performances, a member of the upper-crust in attendance either fell deathly ill or vanished entirely. Desperate, a family of nobles (who wish to remain anonymous) have turned to hiring a group of adventurers to get to the bottom of this. You have been given five tickets to Leclair’s next performance in Centralia, the world premiere of his latest symphony. Handsome rewards are promised if you discover, once and for all, who or what are behind these illnesses and disappearances, and how Leclair is connected to all this.

Plot Synopsis

Submitted on behalf of Kioni as her co-gmAfter receiving tickets to Soren Leclair, an up-and-coming composer’s newest opera from a mysterious benefactor, the party made their way to the opera house in Centralia where it was held. There were several things that felt wrong about the opera, however - chief of which was the attitude of Leclair himself. He seemed to be terrified and did not want to be onstage, uncharacteristic of a supposedly seasoned performer. In addition, the play itself had a disjointed, amateur plot that was a clearly failed attempt to be subversive. As the lights go up for the intermission, the party convenes to figure out what exactly may be going on here; none of them knew each other previously, and it is strangely hard to pick them out as fellow adventurers, given that over half of them don’t stick out amongst the gaudy noble crowd.

Noteworthy Postgame Events