December 26, 2021

Game Master


Once in a blue moon

Plot Synopsis

Party was hired by the former prince of the Equinox Court. party managed to make it safely through the slumbering Woad, a planar bottleneck created by the Dreamt to keep outsiders out and keep the dreamt in. while racing through Nys was able to find that their mother was taken into the dreaming as well and was able to rescue her. once they made it through party proceeded onward to a strange city where the Blue Moon was floating atop of. as they went through party was turned into various art pieces as a result of the effects the blue moon had.

upon arriving they learned that the blue moon was in fact one of the first dreamt. a powerful being that wanted to capture every moment and everyone in their artwork but could not die until their magnum opus was complete. Party helped to give the blue moon the inspiration they needed. Rah'kuk's image was used as the magnum opus and thus the Blue Moon will be reborn as an image of him. once the art piece was done the blue moon gave party a way to leave as it died.

exp for game: 2,500

gold: 300

Noteworthy Postgame Events