August 14, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Ian Seelbach
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Augustin Fresnel - An old mage
Erwin Schrodinger - An elder T'orite
Niels Bohr - A bookish businessman


Adventurers wanted to help find and negotiate with a stealthy individual. Meet Fresnel and Schrodinger at the Stopover Inn in room 3 at noon. (Posted in Centralia City, The Portal Farm, and Port Haven).

Plot Synopsis

Fresnel greets those adventurers who have worked for him before, and proceeds with the mission parameters, with Schrodinger waiting stoically and silently by his side. Apparently, in recent weeks, a man going by the name Niels Bohr had been posting requests for information in the town of Rougtero. Fresnel had been offworld for many months, and upon returning discovered this, and recalled a man who went by that name many, many years ago. The man that he had known years ago went by that name, and was a very cunning individual who kept meticulous details on all of his acquaintances. Fresnel and Erwin had recently been looking for another certain man they had known around the same time, and if anyone would have information as to the whereabouts of this other man (an orc by the name of Max Planck), Bohr would. Fresnel told the adventurers that he has learned that the man currently has two identities, the first as the Niels Bohr he knew, and the second as a merchant half-dwarf known as Chip Flintforge.

Having two options of where to seek out their target, the adventurers set off for Rougtero. They debate whether to look for the man in the city or along the known trade-routes of his alter-ego. Eventually, they end up looking around the warehouse district in Rougtero, looking for a location of the company that "Chip" ran. Not finding it among the labeled warehouses, they stop at a bar to discuss things over. While there, Jacob enters the restroom and endwarfs himself, leaving to search the rest of the warehouses. He finds three that are unlabeled. Two of these are relatively empty, while the third appears to have activity within it. While still tiny, he looks through it, evading detection, and finds a man matching the description of the "Niels Bohr" persona. He returns to the bar and leaves, letting the poor folks who had been waiting finally enter, and discusses his discovery with the party.

After debate on what to do, the party heads to the warehouse. Odessys and Halima approach it openly, while Siilex and Jacob watch and prepare to jump in and do battle. Halima knocks on the door, and says that they are looking for Niels Bohr, and have a business proposition for him. They are met with suspicion, but are eventually let in to meet with him. During discussions, Niels tells them that he is no businessman, to be interested in what they are selling, but is very curious as to where they got that idea. Halima and Odessys manage to dodge such questions, and eventually make mention of the information that they seek. Niels is very surprised at who they are asking after, but hints that he might be able to trade such information, for the right price. Negotiations go back and forth, and eventually Halima hits gold as she offers to produce planks for ship-building, something Niels seems interested in. The price is negotiated back and forth, and finally a deal is struck.

While this is occurring, Siilex and Jacob decide to cause a distraction in the Rougtero warehouse district by lamping a couple of staffs and having a mock duel. Their acting is poor, but passers-by seem amused.

Fresnel and Schrodinger are given the information they wanted, and everyone goes home happy.

Noteworthy Postgame Events