December 11, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Ryan Sciorilli
Dr. Mario


Snowdown Showdown Meltdown Beatdown

Plot Synopsis

Party was summoned by Prince Carrow Abudaris of the Dreaming's Spring Court to investigate the potential arrival of Winter forces in Cahyali, meeting him in a greenhouse in Ley'Ork before he zapped them into the mountains above Polis, Pthora. Descending the mountain by way of foot, grappling hooks, and shield sledding, they took a nice tranquil walk through the wintery forest until they heard voices in the distance and saw Carrow's bright pink pointer floating above the trees, alerting them to the position of the Winter troops. Preliminary scouting was done by Dr. Mario by way of a time-bending tape recorder, and the party managed to avoid the subsequently discovered traps throughout the woods, with the exception of Enkidu, who promptly set off an air raid siren. After the initial scare, the Winter troops invited party to the fireside, and they sat down for drinks and s'mores. This friendly socializing soon came to an end, as they packed up and began looking for a way to get back to Carrow, whose magic note informed them that a train would soon be arriving near their location. Right on cue, a very ominous-looking steam train came blasting out of the woods with a great deal of noise, slowing down and coming to a stop to allow party to board. Upon doing so, they immediately noticed that 3 of the Winter soldiers had disappeared, leaving only the commander. Mostly unfazed by this, the adventurers passed away the hours on the train by playing cards, staring out the window at the various planes being passed through, and then realizing that Carrow appeared to have led them into a trap of some kind, as they were definitely nowhere near Ley'Ork as promised. Shortly, Enkidu and Shiyana decided to take matters into their own hands, shooting out a window and beginning to make their escape as gray spirits began fading into view all throughout the train car. Making a daring escape out the train window and crashing onto the ice below, the party found themselves in an arctic wasteland that definitely was not Jaern or Cahyali, with the only civilization in sight being a walled city some 20 miles to the north. Trekking through the blizzard proved relatively easy, if ridiculously cold, and they soon arrived at Polus-Septen, obtaining entrance to the city after having valid IDs printed at the gate. Exploring the city revealed an eerily quiet and efficient society of people all wearing the same red jumpsuit trimmed with white, but no forced labor conditions; everyone seemed to do their part happily and enthusiastically, admittedly quietly. Speaking with the local craftsman (blacksmith ish) revealed the identity of the town's leader, someone known as Father Winter who was said to be the first ever incarnation of Winter's Breath. Requesting a meeting with this enigmatic figure proved both easy and lucrative, as party soon entered into a contractual agreement for Father Winter to track down a dangerous rebel sparking dissent in the lower sectors of the town, who will soon be uncovered as our party gets to work...

Noteworthy Postgame Events