December 06, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Midna, Silas, Lili, Pakul, Mercy, Axel, Spite


9/4/10078: Session 12 of Frøsland - Party has returned to Frøsland and travelled to Frøysland. This session will be travelling to Sanum and ending with the reforging of Banamaðr.

Plot Synopsis

Party started the session back in Frøysland, where they investigated the zombie problem. They also did the same at Sanum, finding the city abandoned and left to zombies. More investigation followed, finding that the civilians are the zombies or have left. Upon seeing this, Midna used her metallurgy group to locate some of the lost items she had created, and found that her mace was dropped on a small island in the river. They also visited Beorn’s cabin and found that a large number of people had passed through going towards a blue glowing light in the distance. Sensing that the end was nearing, the party went to Icsefall, home of the frost giants and where Akkaar’s execution took place, and reforged Banamoar. During the creation process, Ra, At’ena, Orus, and Osiris each blessed the blade in some manner, using their priests to do the blessings. Banamoar was reforged as Lausnara, the Redeemer. A dual ended glaive. Session ended with them travelling to the beacon, where they found an interesting sight waiting for them. “So what you all saw at the end of this session, arriving by Spite bus. You saw a tent city, surrounding the beacon. Its covered in blue runes and shooting a light into the sky. At the base, there is a clearing that has been made in the snow, with a cage containing Summer. Winter was next to it, and was kneeling down talking to Summer. Calix’Thule and Ymir were nearby, as well as a caged bloodthirster. There were a handful of unidentified people nearby as well, Kisha being one of them. Winter stabs Summer with his polearm, and in a blinding flash of light in the darkness, you see standing on the ground, in the blue glowing light caused by the beacon, Osiris herself

Noteworthy Postgame Events