August 21, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Ian Seelbach
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Amorphous Bob (T'orite trap detector, extraordinaire!)
Carl Liston (Lord Carl of Centralia)
Augustin Fresnel - water mage extraordinaire
Erwin Schrodinger - old despondent T'orite
Max Planck - grizzled orcish marine
Chip Flintforge - anonymous dwarf


Cunning adventurers wanted for an undercover mission. See Chip at the Accelor Shots at 8 a.m. for details.

Plot Synopsis

One of the above listed adventurers showed up at the first adventure hook. That adventurer received instructions to go to the second listed hook, participate in the mission, and report everything back to the first hook's employer. Upon doing this, they would receive a good sum of compensation.

All of the adventurers arrive at the Stopover Inn in time for the meeting, where they are met by Augustin Fresnel, and old man who is obviously a mage, and Erwin Schrodinger, an aging, stony-faced T'orite. Those who had adventured with them before renewed their acquaintances, and the mission was laid out.

Schrodinger had finally learned the location of former associate of theirs, one who had betrayed them and caused the death of one of their friends many, many years ago. Schrodinger had taken upon himself a lifelong quest to bring justice to this betrayer, and is asking for assistance in his capture, as he is likely to have others with him. His old friend Fresnel, who had freed Schrodinger from his imprisonment, had already agreed to help, and the adventurers are required to take out any resistance and capture the betrayer, an orcish marine named Max Planck. Fresnel mentions also a rod of some magical property that may or may not still be in Planck's possession. If it is, he would like that brought to him as well.

The island that the party sails to after going through a couple of portals is days off of normal trade routes. Astute persons on the boat notice that Schrodinger always seems pained in the mornings and very depressed. Most don't care. As they approach, they notice that the weather has gotten generally colder. Bundling up in warm clothing, they prepare to attack. Suddenly, inspiration strikes. As they prepare to assault the island, Slyvester begins a rain dance. When complete, the very cold temperatures cause the rain to come down as snow. Fresnel proceeds to do one as well. (By the way, for those who don't know… ½ of an inch of rain is equal to a *lot* more snow). Their approach seemingly covered by the veritable snowstorm, the adventurers make landfall (along with Fresnel and Schrodinger) and approach the position where some distant surveillance had told them the largest building was. Along the way, Sylvester suddenly realizes that he is really a female. Since this was rather surprising, Sylvester is in a sour mood from this point forward. As they trudge through the snow, Carl notices figures approaching the party from further along the building. He hides up against it, and attacks these figures. A short, entertaining battle later, the adventurers have mopped up these puds and charge through the large double doors of the building.

They are met with a rather curious scene. Just inside the door there is a large, open, two-story foyer, where a large gathering of persons is present. A good number of them appear to be in a circle around a great, large white tree with red leaves. Before each of the people in this circle is a topless corpse, each resembling the general outfitting and build of a number of scared-looking servants huddled in a corner. As the adventurers enter, the people in the circle finish reciting something, and a the tree cracks and explodes, leaving in its wake a great red portal.

Seeing Planck among those surrounding the portal, Schrodinger charges into combat. The rest of the party joins in, fighting off various guards and other participants of the ritual. A few of the people stand out, including an albino wearing a suit, an impossibly thin red-haired man, and a young teenage girl. As the battle begins, three white-skinned creatures with glowing blue eyes and black hands come through the portal, wielding swords that appear to be made of crystal. Carl engages with them, but then chases the fleeing albino through the portal. He proceeds to whip up on said albino, and then gets assaulted by many more of the pale creatures.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was busy clearing through the large battle. Fresnel cast for four rounds before becoming gigantic, whereupon he proceeded to kick around the pale creatures. Kulov had some fun doing the lightning bolt connect-the-baddies game, taking revenge for one of them breaking his magic sword on a crit. Sylvester and Amorphous Bob swept up some puds before going to help Schrodinger. Seeing the way the battle was going, the thin red-haired man seemed to phase out of existence, but not before catching Schrodinger's eye and stunning him momentarily. Siilex managed to construct a clever Masonry around the young girl, and two of the creatures. As the battle wound down, Planck was successfully incapacitated, and the Masonry was taken down to take care of those trapped. The creatures were taken down, but the girl did not reemerge from the Masonry. A little bit later, Carl comes back through the portal, and drags a few more bodies through with him.

Once the situation wound down, Fresnel searched Planck, finding the rod that he wanted. He and Schrodinger discuss something while the party loots the corpses. Once this is done, Fresnel points the rod at Schrodinger, and a light passes from Schrodinger to Fresnel. Curious now, party members begin to watch as Schrodinger approaches the incapacitated Planck, says some words, announces that justice will be done, and knocks Planck's head off. Moments afterword, Schrodinger falls to the ground, also dead. No one seems in any way curious anymore. The GM decides that plot really doesn't matter.

The party is thanked by Fresnel, paid, and then they all return home, after Fresnel asks them to keep secrecy of the events that have taken place.

Exp: 2800

Notable post-game events:

The adventurer who responded to the first hook returns and divulges everything that happened to the one that hired for that hook. The adventurer is thanked and paid, and then goes and finds a writer, who writes up the events of this game and publishes it across Centralia anonymously.

Noteworthy Postgame Events