November 22, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Midna, Silas, Lili, Pakul, Mercy, Axel, Spite


Session 10 of Frosland. Now in Vashana’s manor, deep within the city of Sindili in the Shadowmarr forest, the party plans to travel to the Fortress of Memories to retrieve the last piece of Banamoar, reforge it, and hopefully restore a few more of Silas memories.

Plot Synopsis

Party spent 3 days relaxing in Vashana’s manor, and resting up from Mercy exploding between sessions due to a magic item effect. After which they all travelled to the fortress of memories. After landing in the courtyard, Pakul almost took one of the fruits from the tree, but was dissuaded by the party not to. They explored the runic door leading inside, and found that the way to get in was by leaving a memory filled or emotionally charged item on the front step. Everyone entered and explored the fortress of memories. Inside they found a dozen or so various knick knacks that all had a fragment of a memory within from a large event years past. Eventually working their way through the manor, Pakul was kidnapped, but the rest of the party found the lair of The Lost one, where it stored thousands of items related to past memories. They also found the last shard of Banamoar within. Realizing that they would likely be able to reconstitute a personality to Banamoar with these memories, the party grabbed various pieces and fled. Freeing Pakul on the way out.

Noteworthy Postgame Events