November 15, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Midna, Silas, Lili, Pakul, Mercy, Axel, Spite


8/22/10078: Session 9 of Frøsland. Following their trip into the Slumbering Woad, Silas had been killed. He failed to return from within fast enough, and was taken by the forest. The party moves onto the Fortress of Memories with a heavy heart. Next session is 11/15/2021 at 5:30. Previous players have priority.

Plot Synopsis

Party travelled through The Dreaming, arriving to the city of Sindili, in the heart of the Shadowmarr forest. Lili arrived first and waited outside the city. Spite arrived with the rest of the party on his back, and they met up with Lili. Vashana gave them a warning as they entered the city, to not speak to anyone, and not to give anyone a word or a name. Go straight to her manor, follow her. And much to her own word, they became flanked by hundreds of people immediately after entering the city, as they saw their queen come home. Vashana, queen of the spring court, had been out for almost 5 years, and drew a crowd getting home. They got into the manor and relaxed as the guards stopped the crowd from getting inside. Vashana informed the party of her detailed plan on how to recreate Silas and get him back, that she was going to manipulate Astrids dream, to have her make Silas. Party was to wait for her command and then go find the new copy of Silas in the dreaming, anchor him, and bring him back. Vashana loaned her staff to the party and that they needed to bring it back. She then went to bed, and awoke 6 hours later telling them where Silas was, and that they needed to go. They rushed and found a copy of Silas and Astrid, anchoring both of them in the world, but also accidentally anchoring a dream they could not see. One of Smiler the Defilier, the clown who is hunting Silas because of Wyren. They battled Smiler, killing him and his clones, before convincing the new, and very confused Astrid and Silas to return to Vashana’s manor with them. They did and sessioned ended on 8/24/10078

Noteworthy Postgame Events