November 13, 2021

Game Start Date
Game Master
Eric Liu
Crow & Melog


Dead Man's Water - RMS HOA II - Session 10

Plot Synopsis

The final showdown with Xing-Ryu looms as the crew makes a plan to confront him. As the RMS HOA II arrives at the northern cliffs of Slet’ceth, the group finds that there is no ship or dock to be seen, but does spot a stone watchtower nestled between the trees far above, next to a large waterfall. They discover a hidden cove within the island where Xing-Ryu had been scavenging other ships in order to repair the Tidebreaker. Crow and Votum went up to the watchtower, as the rest of the crew delved through the waterfall to confront Xing-Ryu. Traps laid above reunited the two adventurers above with those below, and Xing-Ryu along with three elite warriors descended from the tower above. Two adventurers lay dying, before Crow managed to knock Xing-Ryu unconscious… However, the battle isn’t won yet, as Xing-Ryu’s minions surround the party.

Noteworthy Postgame Events