November 06, 2021

Game Start Date
Game Master
Eric Liu
Crow & Melog


Dead Man's Water - RMS HOA II - Session 9

Plot Synopsis

The crew of the RMS HOA II makes their way to Chalet Vren Renée d’Aurolis, the home of Lord and Lady d’Aurolis, the parents of Okul. As they arrive in the late evening, they meet Jimmy the guard, who was using a pair of novelty fake glowing breasts held in a 34C bralette as a lantern. This, they discovered, was an item known as “Ra’s Titties,” sold by a local store called “Spencer’s.” After that interaction, they party went in and discussed things with Lord Vren Renée d’Aurolis over tea on his cliffedge patio, while watching the fireworks over the harbor. Lord d’Aurolis asked the party to explain why they were here, and even further, why they had committed themselves to this quest, and what they seek to gain from it. He asked them what their goals in adventuring were, and what they had planned next after dealing with Xing-Ryu and Ishar. The party all seemed to have disparate answers and motivations, and did not have a unified goal in mind beyond finding Xing-Ryu. Lord d’Aurolis told them to go back to where they were staying and take the time to discuss and think as a group before coming back when ready with an answer. The crew then returned to the ship, discussed various plans and ideas, as well as considered Bobbin’s lust for world-wide arson. After a long rest, the group returned to the chalet, and gave Lord d’Aurolis an answer. He considered their response, and told them that their connections with each other and their responsibility towards the other people in the world will be one of the most important aspects in their adventuring career, and that they should never forget to ask themselves why they do the things they do.
The adventurers then were directed to Zak’s room, where they found out about Xing-Ryu’s secret hideout on Slet’ceth. He also told them about Xing-Ryu’s use of lethal poisons, and that they should prepare antitoxins and healing tonics. The group did some shopping, and then began to set out towards Slet’ceth.

Noteworthy Postgame Events