November 08, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller


8/18/10078: Session 8 of Frøsland. The party has slept the night in Beorn’s Cabin, and awoken with the goal of setting off to Brunnholl and finding Dina. They have a plan to go into the Dreaming, to find the Fortress of Memories and try to repair the curse done to Banamoar. Game will be Nov 8 at 5:30, as normal. Previous players have priority sign ups.

Plot Synopsis

Party woke up in Beorn’s cabin, and heard singing coming from outside. They found Vashana singing with Beorn and Akkaar the bird folk. Her singing appears to cause the nature around her to bloom and grow like springtime. They chatted with her, and reassured that they could get her home. Party then travelled to Brunholl, where they messed around with the shopkeeper, Remus the high elf. They bought some travel rations, as well as the ingredients needed to create 9 of the lanterns NEW201. They found Dina Lillyfrost, and called their favor in, which greatly pissed her off that they were dragging her back to the Dreaming. She did though, and the party entered the Slumbering Woad. While within, Pakul escaped it quite fast, followed by the second wave of Mercy, Lili, Spite and Vashana. Last came Midna, with but a minute to spare. Silas died this session.

Noteworthy Postgame Events