November 01, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Midna, Silas, Lili, Pakul, Mercy, Axel, Spite


Session 7 of Frosland. Party from the previous session has priority. Party is following up on the Astrid versus Cheryl debate, on what they want to do in Flekkroya, and about the shard within.

Plot Synopsis

Real Date 11/1/2021: Long rest puts the start of the session starting on 8/8/10078. Midna, Mercy, Lili, and Axel slept in the city after signing a contract with the Jarl to not harm her, or her city or child. They agreed with much reluctance (see the previous session writeup). In the morning they talked with Cheryl and worked out an agreement to have Midna help physically expand the walls of the city and to reinforce it best they can. Midna also signed a third contract for trading 50 tons of iron ore in exchange for a ‘favor transfer’ from a fey in Brunnholl known as Dina Lillyfrost. Cheryl agreed and the favor was given to Midna. The other half of party, being Silas, Spite, and Pakul had fun playing tag with zombies until they realized that the zombies were becoming smarter, and regaining small amounts of intellect and weapons skill, and would not stay dead no matter what. Then, having gotten the shard of Banamoar from Cheryl, they set off to Beorn’s cabin, where they encountered a terrible blizzard. They traveled for days and eventually reached the cabin, where they heard banjo music coming from Beorn. He invited them in, and said they were silly for being out in such terrible weather. They had some fun and he gave them some ale, which they gave him a barrel of honey mead for. When they brought up Banamoar, there was some shuffling, and Beorn introduced them to Akkaar, an undead humanoid bird. Beorn acted as translator, as Akkaar spoke a bird-like, clicking language. Akkaar informed them of his people's past, and that Banamoar was a terrible blade, used to genodice his people from a champion of Ra. A frost giant by the name of Ymir. Akkaar’s people existed in Jaern from their creation in the years of ~6100 until their destruction in 7545. There was a war between the bird people, and the frost giants of the north and south, which was only broken when Ra chose one of them to become his champion. He gifted this frost giant Banamoar, a blade meant to slay another Jaernian god, in an effort to slay all the bird folk. It worked, all too well, and the war became a one sided slaughter. In a final attempt, using all the energy and emotion behind the death of their kin, the bird folk cursed Banamoar. When it came to be Akkaar’s turn to die, he was the very last of his kind, and when the blade struck, it could not finish the job. Akkaar was left in a state between life and death, unable to die, but not truly alive anymore. The blade shattered into 5 pieces, one of which was stolen by Akkaar as he fled. Now, Midna wants to reforge the blade, which Akkaar has agreed to give her the shard of, on the condition that the blade is used to save a life, instead of end one. They must save Summer from Winter wanting to kill her. The session ended with Silas looking out the window, and seeing Winter standing there in the cold. Silas went out onto the deck to confront him. When asked why he was there, Winter just said “I wish to see my accusers”. Silas then accused Winter of manipulating Astrid, to which Winter said “Thank you for confirming my suspicions” and left. Winter did at the beginning offer to let the party leave the planar lock trap they found themselves in. Game date ended 8/17/10078

Noteworthy Postgame Events