October 30, 2021

Game Start Date
Game Master
Eric Liu
Crow & Melog


Dead Man's Water - RMS HOA II - Session 8

Plot Synopsis

The crew of the RMS HOA II are awaiting the finalization of their repairs in Dawn’s Fury, a seedy tavern and festhall, and they awake (except Powder) to the sounds of alarm bells being rung throughout Scourgetide. In the distance, a guttural roar echoes over the bay, and a balener ship is capsized, spilling whale oil over the surface of the water and setting it ablaze. A large monstrous shape is silhouetted in the flames, resembling a massive tortoise with a large forest on its back. Crow looks back at Vulture, both of them cognizant of the chaos effect that Vulture caused making trees and shrubs hate him, and begin hunting him down. And finally, they have caught up. The adventurers are whisked form the tavern by a messenger sent by Katura Jax, who blames them for causing this to happen, stating that, “This type of sh*t only happens when adventurers are in town.” She takes them aboard the Angel of Chains, her massive maraujo ship, and they set off to combat the monstrous sea creature. A fierce battle ensues, with the Angel of Chains, coming very nearly to her destruction, but the party emerges victorious once again, but taking a sip from his waterskin, Vulture suddenly collapses and dies instantly, revealing that his waterskin was somehow filled with water form the River Styx (due to an earlier chaos effect). The party then hits up the Isis temple in town to revive him, as Crow comes to grips with the revelation that “Melog,” the cat that they purchased from Grimothy the Deals Warlock, was in fact a Fey King with godlike powers, who escaped from the Dreaming unwilling to accept the responsibility of leading his nation into a war with the other courts of the Dreaming, and so fled to the material plane, disguised himself as a common house cat (which do not exist on Jaern), and relishes in causing trickery and chaos. Crow and Melog make a fey promise that Crow cannot tell anyone about Melog’s true identity without dying.
The next day, the crew takes the fully repaired RMS HOA II to Port Davis, and Okul reveals more about his past: he grew up in Port Davis, and was once named Quinn d’Aurolis, and his father, Vren Renée d’Aurolis owns the chalet on the promontory of Port Davis, just as a fireworks display fires off from said chalet. Okul asks the party not to mention that he is alive, and that it would probably be best to avoid the chalet entirely, while Okul hides aboard the RMS HOA II. The party manages to spot Zak’s Dolphin Emporium Extraordinaire from the dock, and make their way there promptly, before seeing that the business had been closed, as well as broken into recently, where they found dead dolphins, broken tanks, scattered belongings, and a written threat to deliver a shipment within the next 2 days. Across the street, a well dressed gentleman seemed to be watching them, and then paid a messenger boy to run a note - Crow tracked and pursued the boy to Chalet Vren Renée d’Aurolis, before returning to the Dolphin Emporium, where they confronted the well dressed gentleman, who revealed himself to be an employee of Vren d’Aurolis, sent to an eye on the shop. He told the party that a group of ruffians broke into the shop the previous day, and that if they wanted to know more, they should inquire at the Chalet.

Noteworthy Postgame Events