October 25, 2021

Game Start Date
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Game Master
Dan Weller
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The adventuring party is heading to Flekkroya in an attempt to find the third shard of the primal sword Banamaðr. Knowing they will face a demon problem they have set off. Travelling with them is Vashana, the lost concubine of Summer, recently freed from the dragon Calix’Thule. Game is 10/25/2021 at 5:30 online.

Plot Synopsis

1. Midna
2. Axel
3. Silas
4. Pakul
5. Mercy
6. Spite
7. Lili

The party is travelling to Flekkroya. During their travels, they encountered a horde of undead with a blight detonate creature ability. Axel to finish out this fight, casted a gigantic fireball which caused all of them to explode, knocking out Lili, and killing Pakul. Pakul had a vision of the dead, seeing that Anubis reaper was unable to take him from the land. He also saw that there was hundreds of souls. Mercy from the party resurrected him by burning PWR to cast resurrection. They then went to bed, only to be interrupted by ‘the demon of Flekkroya’. A white tiefling named Abyhad, also known as Guts. They conversed with him, and convinced him to lead them back to town and let him in. On the way, Silas slipped up and said that he has a bit of demon blood in him, which caused Abyhad to freak out and abandon the party. Midna tried to convince him that Silas was lying, but failed. He got back to the city and started forming a garrison to chase down and slay Silas. The party sought out the Jarl Cheryl, and found that she was a succubus, Abyhad’s mother. While there they signed a contract stating that she would call her garrison off Silas, but they wouldn't attack her or harm her or her civilians. To finalize the game, Silas met up with Astrid, and accidentally spilled the beans about Winter. Astrid said she was going to find Winter, and offered Silas, Spite, and Pakul spaces to travel with her to find Winter. Party is deciding where they want to go in the inbetween weeks.

Noteworthy Postgame Events