October 23, 2004

Game Master
Jonathan Sutcliffe


Smart, intelligent adventurers who are able to form effective strategies wanted.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers were hired by a man named Vho, who wanted them to break down some pillars that had symbols of gods on them. He only wanted them to knock the pillars of dead gods. Well, the party made it safely to the island that they were needing to go to. The island was littered with bluefields. After experimenting and almost killing themselves, the party figured out that they had to destroy the center pillar first and then they could knock the individual pillar of certain gods. After knocking down the pillar of Isis, Four Torites and three Hurudo appeared. One of the torites got a crossbow placed in his face and he was in a bad mood. So when he got the first chance to strike he did. Lets see fireballs, blackbeams, exicute(missed the drill) , and mayheam were all preformed on the party and yet they all survived. After this one of the party members notice a slight change in the sky color. Several hours later after a pulley system was set all the other pillar, except for Rudri, Orus, and Scrogg were pulled down. The sky turned to a purple color. Four beings enter the realm of Jearn. Two flew off, not before putting a hole in the boat that the party used to get there with. The thrid, if you wish to know, I will tell you privately. the fourth sent the party members back to Reutoro(sp).

After effect of the game, the sky is now purple in the day time and is red at night.

Noteworthy Postgame Events