October 12, 2021

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The Old Gods

Plot Synopsis

Party was hired by both Avery and Isabel Cromwell. the party set sail to the Titan's Maw, there they were able to interact with a local band and three of the party members partook in the ritual "Ameth's Breath." and met with the gate guardian Ameth themselves, continuing on the party eventually reached the temple and by making there way through a variety of traps, they entered the inner sanctum of the ziggurat where they encountered Beatrice Wilis, a member of the Wilis family and her bodyguard. a fight broke out as Isabel and Beatrice's old rivalry flared to hostility and Beatrice and her bodyguard were then killed. shortly after their death, the party soon found a way to activate a ritual that released the primordial/progenitor god Kem Daslas, Oruc, the primordial flame and the progenitor god of both Orus and Ra. The primordial god Kem Daslas Oruc thanked the party and warned them of a coming danger.

exp for game: 2,700 for non-low rates, 5,000 for low rates

gold for game: 300

Noteworthy Postgame Events