October 11, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller


The party has just arrived in Sanum of Frøsland, the city of raiders and war. Following the trail of Vashana, she supposedly has been taken captive here. Game is online, Monday Oct 4 at 530 PM. Game date is 7/21/10078

Plot Synopsis

Party arrived at Sanum and were greeted by 6 slaves opening the gates for them. They went to the Osirisite temple, where they were greeted by Lili and Axel, who had recently been freed from their ice prison, here on Frosland. Party banter was had, and Silas snuck off into the Osiriste temple alone. Inside he found the Osirisite, Vragi, a dwarf man, and asked about Vashana. He was informed that Vashana was here, but had been traded to a white dragon called Calax’Thule, the Frozen Tyrant, in exchange for the freedom of the two new party members. Silas went back out and relayed the info to the party, who then moved on to the forges. Midna had a chat with the forge smith, and commissioned a steel battleaxe from him. To assist, Midna’s lava elemental is resting within the forges to add heat. From there, they met Jarl Thorsson, and expressed some disgust with the slavery of the city, but ultimately put it aside. Jarl Thorsson said he would be more open to talks, should the party eliminate an evil frost titan who was marching on Sanum, the reason he bought the two adventurers from Calix’Thule. Party then went to the titan, and attempted to talk to it, but found it attacked anyway. They killed it, and its 4 elementals around it, and looted a magical ring off its body. (this item will not have a writeup yet. They didn’t explore it well yet). They went back to the city, where Silas split off from the party again to pray at the Osirisite temple. He felt a soft cold breeze on the back of his neck, causing him to pray deeper. A flower covered in ice appeared before him, seemingly to answer some of his prayers. He fell asleep within the temple to Osiris. The rest of the party partied in the longhouse of the jarl.

Noteworthy Postgame Events