October 09, 2021

Game Start Date
Game Master


descent to Hell, Part 2

Plot Synopsis

Party made their way further down into the depths of the Beneath, after taking some time to rest, explore, and reequip themselves in the second layer the party then descended into the third layer of the Beneath, their they found a massive jungle filled with all sorts of dangerous creatures and in the distance a tree that housed the ruler of the third layer, Beelzebub, fallen servitor of Osiris and also called the lord of flies. after having "negotiated" with the lord of flies.

the trip through the jungle took much longer, as the plants and massive jungle prevented a quick travel, party took another 8 days to reach the opening to the 4th layer. along the way the party encountered an ambush of Abyssal knights. Nys ended being dragged into the Way of Black Tears and was greeted by Lillith, after a chat Lillith sent Nys back and Party defeated the two abyssal knights that stood in their way. now the party must face off against the son of Ornias.

exp reward: 2,700 for non low rate party, 5,200 for low rate party (extra 200 for each for good RP)

gold reward: 300 (will be given as lump sum at the end)

Noteworthy Postgame Events