September 27, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller


The party approaches the city of Frøysland to find it burning. Intervention must be had to save Freyalise, the seer of the village, who can help them find where Summer’s ‘friend’ is, and what might be going on in Frøsland. Game is online at 5:30 PM EST 9/27/2021 (next monday)

Plot Synopsis

Party arrived at Frøysberg just in time to intercept and stop a raid that was taking place. Silas split off from Midna and Mercy to check the town, while Midna and Mercy engaged the larger force. Attempts to cease the hostilities failed, and many lives were lost in the ensuing conflict. After the invading forces were forced to flee by Midnas celestial wolf, they found the Jarlsona of the city, Freyalise, crying over her husband. Silas attempted to console her by blessing the departed body with a protection from demons ability. Freyalise said she was the Atenite of this village, and that she would rejoin them in about an hour, after she had time to care for the body. The body was left in nature, and she returned, trying to keep a stoic face. Merriments were had that night, mostly the surviving warriors getting drunk on ale and mead. Freyalise asked the party to stay for a week while she grieved and prepared a ritual, to share an Atenite spell with the group.
The week passed, and she did share the spell with the group. It required the group to FAIL a specific CSE check, only Silas failed it. He was pulled into an Atenite vision, while the rest of the group heard the Atenite talk her way through what she was seeing.
Afterwards, sensing the danger that was being faced, and now having a direction of where Vashana went, they went to leave, where Freyalise stopped Midna, and gave her a piece of a primal blade. One of five shards left from it. She begged her to find the other pieces and reforge it, as it is the only way to stop the “world from ending”. A blade capable of killing a jaernian god. She then gave everyone in the party 500gp, only Silas accepted it. She also offered homes to any of them that choose to come back and live within her city. That they were welcomed as heroes.
The party left, and went to Sanum, wherein they were greeted by a horrifying sight of 6 slaves being used as the labor to open and close the cities doors.
The days are growing very short. The sun does not crest above the hills in the distance.

Noteworthy Postgame Events