September 20, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller


A follow up to last session. MIDNA HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED. Adventurers are hot on the trail, and have found a runic circle, set to trigger that night. What will happen! Will they all die! Hard to say! Come find out on 9/20/2021 at about 5:30!

Plot Synopsis

Midna, being kidnapped, was dragged back to the camp of ‘refugees’ living under the control of Astrid Wulfkist. While there she met an At’entie named Aasveig and an Isisite named Signy who had also been kidnapped from the city of Raudberg. They all conversed, and Signy largely filled Midna in on the situation at hand, and that they were going to forcibly be changed into werewolves. She was told that there was a 50% mortality rate for the transformation and that many had died. Astrid did not care as to the method of making people werewolves, she would do it willing or not to make them ‘strong’. Whereas she viewed those who died during the ritual as weak. A day passed with the party trying to set up barricades at the ritual circle they had found. Eventually as night fell, they realized the sheer amount of people that were approaching the site, at 50 armed ‘warriors’. 8 werewolves. And 17 prisoners, including Midna. They debated philosophy with Astrid and that what she was doing was wrong, and she doubled down on her beliefs that she was helping these people. Silas challenges Astrid to a duel, saying he would join her cause if he lost, and that she would need to set the prisoners free if he won. She agreed, and proceeded to kill Silas.
Silas was rapidly dragged to the ritual zone, where he was resurrected as a werewolf within a minute of his death, but also taking a point of health from the resurrection. Werewolf is DPW203. The other 16 prisoners were forced to go through the ritual as well, causing 9 fatalities and 7 new werewolves. The at’enite Aasveig perished, but the Isisite Signy survived the process.
Following this, they returned to camp, where they actually showed that they were here from Osiris, which rapidly caused a change in Astrid. She freed Midna and gave back Silas with the task of returning after finding Summer’s missing concubine here in Frøsland. After an incredible roll by Midna, Astrid even began to reconsider her methods of conquest in the presence of Keysha, a stepchild of Osiris. Party spent the night and began to travel back past Raudberg, where they tried to teleport for the first time. Midna experienced some chills and took some cold damage, where Keysha followed it up and was completely knocked unconscious, and almost dead.
Party decided to speed up travel via land movement and flight, and taking up Astrids recommendation of travelling to Frøysland, a city to the north who has a seer as the Jarl. Upon arrival a (start of 7/12/10078) they saw the city being attacked by a raiding party, prisoners being taken, and stuff going bad. -No gold was given-

Noteworthy Postgame Events