October 23, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)


Asistance Required! in detering dangerous groops.

Plot Synopsis

Niccolo is the first to arrive. He asks the bar keep where he could find a man named Aden. He it then informed that there is no man named Aden but there is (fortunately) a woman here by that name and she is sitting in a booth at the other side of the bar. Niccolo approaches and finds a rather good looking woman in her mid twenties. She has rather pale skin and tan layered robes one. Niccolo introduces himself and polite conversation ensure. A bit later Kulov wanders in and really needs a drink. Have having a shot he asks about Aden. He is directed to the booth. Dom is the next to arrive; he has a house shot followed by a beer. He then asks about Aden and is direct to the same booth. Once there is does take note of her rather wide shoes. Selina is the last to arrive. After ordering milk, which arrives in a tall glass, she decides a bowl would probably work better. After receiving her bowl she asks about Aden and then joins the rest of the group. Aden makes polite conversation with them (after giving a few of them some odd looks) waiting to see if anyone else arrives. There are several inquiries about what a groop is, and what they will need deferred. Once Aden decides that no one else will be arriving she being giving the details about the mission.

It turns out that she is from another world where some people (from what is believed Jaern) have come through and started mining the area where her people are from. They have had no contact with these surveys and her village is hid. She wants the party to go in there and "convince" them to leave. The payment decided is 1000 silver for a successful mission (how ever they choose to accomplish it). She also informs them that it is a desert world so they should supply themselves correctly. The party then breaks up to get supplies. Niccolo finds a nice suit summer suit, a large brimmed hat, and stocks up on waters and non jerky supplies. Selina finds a hideous suit and not quite matching hat and also picks up some supplies. Kulov does the same, but with less noticeable results. They again met up with Aden and she takes them to a boat and then to a portal.

They go through the portal and find themselves in a rather hot desert. Aden casts (what the party assumes is) tireless walking. Many follow suit. There is also a number of change temperatures cast. They walk for most of the day and then into the night (and with the night came the over cast weather). Dom attempts to gain information about her village but she is wary about giving up too much information to strangers. He does find out that they live below ground, and Aden thinks there are two moons, though she is not sure. Selina, Niccolo, and Kulov all start to have the feeling that they have been to this world before.

As they approach a mountainous area they think they see what may be a camp off in the distance. Aden wishes to approach no further and will wait her for the party to come back. The party then approaches. On they way there they decided that negotiations would be no fun so they were just going to go ahead and fireball them until they stopped moving (or this is what was interpreted by Niccolo and Selina through the miming that took place). Once they reaches the 100 foot make they could tell that there was good size fire in the middle of the camp surrounded by three tents of different sizes and a sled of some kind. There were also 5 people visible from their distance.

Then combat breaks out…SURPRISE! Niccolo fireballs the middle of the camp, catching all of it, in the next round Selina does the same, hitting the same spot. Niccolo then does it again the next round, Selina moves closer, and Dom moves up to the biggest tent (and into the fireball). The people in the camp that do not fall over dead take of running in the variety of directions. Several people rush out of their tents and are unsure of which way to run. Kulov and Niccolo also receive a lightening bolt 90 degrees away from the camp. At his next chance Niccolo fireballs that area as well. That is when the true fireball fight starts. Niccolo gets fireballed the next round. Then he fireballs back. Then he gets fireballed and lightening bolted (from a different location). At his next turn he has to decide to stay or run and he stays, throwing another fireball. He then takes another lightening bolt as well as fireball, and dies. The rest of the party that has moved off to chase other people is unaware of this. Dom has captured a warrior and taken him 240 feet up to have a conversation with him. After gaining some information from the guy Dom drops in into the fire, killing him. Selina then suspends a guy that is trying to tackle and grapple him and then heads off to find the party (and via locate notices that Niccolo's hat is heading south). Dom and Selina meet up and Selina decides to inform Aden of what they accomplished while Dom destroys the camp (after it was looted). They then decided to wait things out in the camp until day to see if anyone shows up and so that they can attempt to find the blue person in the morning.

Day comes and they set up to grab the blue guy, who turns out to be Kulov. Dom and Selina decided any information they could get from his would be useless so they release him. As a group they decide they are done, and want to be lead back to the portal. Aden does this and pays them 500 silver each because they did so some work, but probably not enough. Dom returns his share and Selina give Aden some fodite because it can't be fun living in the dark.

Noteworthy events: Kulov is made un-killable, at least of the night.

Niccolo has a fireball fight with a flame danced guy and loses. Later finds himself having a chat with some unfriendly folks that like to ask questions and hurt him…. The situation is yet unresolved.

Noteworthy Postgame Events