September 18, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Eric Liu
Pyke the Ripper
Zach's Newbies


Dead Man's Water - RMS HOA II - Session 2

Plot Synopsis

A naval skirmish erupts on the high seas, on one side, the RMS HOA II and a small crew of strangers who decide to ally themselves with the adventurers against three small ships of Evil Frat Bro Cultists (“KAPPA PSI THETA!!”). With numbers on their side, the Children of the Brine charged towards the two adventurer ships, but met their untimely demise as lightning bolts, onager rounds, ballista bolts, and short-porting psions made quick work of the small army of cultists… To the delight of the adventurers, they found a treasure trove labeled “Trust Fund: Do Not Touch” and proceeded to divvy up the 1000 992 gold pieces… generously giving Okul, the RMS HOA II’s quartermaster, a measly 3 gold pieces…
Now that the cultists were dealt with (and one was knocked unconscious and bound), the group of adventurers parlayed on the RMS HOA II, and turned their attention towards Vincent Vince Sven-Svenson, Esquire, the Third. After a discussion, the group agreed to dispatch him in a most brutal manor, including choking, waterboarding, uncomfortably long handshakes, a gunshot to the crotch, and then cutting his tongue, eyes, and nose off, and throwing the bastard off the ship while Wynn and Powder took turns firing trick shots and pot shots at his corpse as it floated off…
They also started interrogating one of the cultists, before gagging him with a sock and began identifying the artifacts they stole from Kesperic Isle… An Oculus of At’ena, a Ring of Sunlight, a Journal of Secrets, a Dagger of Guilt, and finally a Coin of Anubis… which the other crew of adventurers recognized as near identical to their own… Pyke discovered the coin gave him a foresight into the future, at the cost of forgetting some of his memories, but was able to connect and identify a myth about the gods of Anubis and Isis, who met and fell in love in the Rhine thousands of years ago, and eight coins were exchanged as tokens of affection and ultimately were paid as the price for their love. The crew of the RMS HOA II found that their coin was numbered “VIII” in Trejon, while the other crew had “VII”.
The two parties went their separate ways, the RMS HOA II back to Helmrest, and the other crew to Scourgetide, each having gained some knowledge about the world around them, as well as a tidy sum of gold for their efforts.

Noteworthy Postgame Events