September 19, 2021

Game Master
Brady Black


Part 2 of idk helmsrest or something

Plot Synopsis

Party continues the boat ride to helmsrest along the way hit a storm and find a stranded person clutching onto a egg and board, unconcious and in danger. Party decides to assist and dive into the water tied to the ship to mount a aggressive and not very successful rescue mission at first. After a long battle with the sea party and crew manage to actually wrangle the person out of the sea and onto the ship to join them. They continue the rest of their journey and deliver the goods, the captain says they were paid well enough and given that the trip took far longer than expected, he wanted to up the pay of party. So in the process of dealing with such, he decided that instead of increasing their silver pay, he would instead offer them the ship they were sailing on, as his crew had purchased a new ship that was far bigger with the pay that was given to them. Party agrees and has a shoot out over who is to be captain. In the end lorenz ends up taking the captain spot and then party finally reachs helmsrest the next morning. They take the goods to the university and then travel on around seeking some new gear, to prepare for the next stage of their adventurer.

Noteworthy Postgame Events