September 11, 2021

Game Master
Brady Black


Honestly I have no idea what hook was put up, something about delivering a text book

Plot Synopsis

Party was hired by a crew who had been hired to move the books from centralia to helmsrest and proceeded to do so. Upon the way saw a kraken that had been utterly destroyed, and dismantled, they investigated it mildly, and found a necklace with a locket, that was locked, and no key within the teeth of the dead creature. Moving onward they continued their jounry on their merry way and were attacked by someone trying to steal the books, for some unknown reason they seemed to really want to take out the ship and sink the crew. Party and enemy ships locked together and engaged in a boarding fight that ended with all of the pirates dead, and one of the party members less lively than previously.

Noteworthy Postgame Events