September 13, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller


You wake up one morning on Jaern, wherever you residence may be. A home by the seaside, a mansion in Rogutero, or perhaps even a room within the mages guild. And much to your delight, today looks to be an amazing day. The weather is perfect, with the sun cresting over the horizon over the ocean, not a cloud in sight. As the morning passes even more, the red sun slowly burning higher in the sky, a cool ocean breeze comes across you, smelling of lilac, roses, pollen, and various other flowers. The smell invigorates you about, to go through your morning routine with newfound energy. The morning blurs by, moments passing like a fantastic dream, before you suddenly snap to. You find yourself standing in front of a large, exceedingly thick jungle, held back by only a simple, rickety wooden fence. A single dirt trail leading into the darkness of the woods. You see beside you, other fellow adventurers, who seem to be coming back to as well. A singular female voice becomes you "come, you are needed. Time is precious"

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were Mercy, Midna, Kisha, Silas, and Spite the chimera. Initially the adventurers met at Summers grove, entranced by a charming effect that led them there. Upon reawakening, they ventured deep into the heart of the grove, where they found Summer. They recieved Summers blessing (DPW201) and upon blessing Mercy, the demon lord nurgle appeared out of her body. The demon lord was defeated and trapped within a gem by Summer, who then cleansed Mercy of her cursed staff, angelic curse, and other demon curse. This was done, relatively out of pity and sadness for the doctor, who seemed to have everything wrong happening to her. Summer then gave mercy her own staff (DPW200) as a gift of healing, to help her get better.

Now for the actual mission. Summer has a favored village called Raudberg where she would visit for a celebration of Osiris and nature at the end of the rainy season. However this year, she ended up not being called. Being curious as to why, she sent her concubine, Vashana, to investigate with intent to pull her back via True Devote. Vashana then promptly went missing. Summer then immediately turned to hiring adventurers to deal with the situation. Adventurers were hired, and travelled by boat to Frøsland, an island far to the north on Jaern, (similar to iceland). While there, they were given the figurative cold shoulder by the town. It was noted by Kisha that all the women were missing, which led to a bit of exploration, and someone finding a descendant werewolf. They received information that Astrid Wulfkist is to blame for the disappearances, and decided to chase in the morning. That night, Midna was Bond Summoned by a nomad, directly into a trap where she was captured. The rest of the party followed suit in the morning, failing their tracking checks and getting a bit lost. They ended up finding a ritual circle, where they determined something was to happen that night.. TO BE CONTINUED NEXT SESSION.

Noteworthy Postgame Events