September 11, 2021

Game Start Date
Game Master
Eric Liu
Pyke the Ripper


Dead Man's Water - RMS HOA II - Session 1

Plot Synopsis

A battle erupts between the RMS HOA II and the skeleton crew (pun intended) onboard the Windswept, a merchant vessel that they soon discover was transporting two very expensive and valuable barrels of salt! It also happened to be transporting a 3/4-Gnome by the name of Vincent Sven-Svenson, who revealed himself to be one of Pyke the Ripper’s ex-crew. He also revealed himself to be an extremely annoying and abrasive personality, but since he was the only one who could translate the strange tome they had discovered, they had to bear with his antics. They first quickly learned that the Infernal Treasure Map was actually a Callout Poster, for the Children of the Brine, otherwise known as the Kappa Psi Thetas, intent on summoning their Dark Lord Kesperic, a ritual that was scheduled for that very evening!
After a quick stop in Sunkissed Pier (SKP), they forged onwards, and quickly made it to Kesperic Isle in Kraken’s Pass. After following a torchlit path through a thick jungle, they arrived at an encampment near the top of the active volcano. Two cultists, one who had given himself the name Gallathrax the Insatiable, and the other Davlosh the Damned, greeted them and asked them to display the Helm their group was tasked to bring. Through some clever conjuration magic, they produced an illusion of the Helm of Tempests, and were given robes and brochures to enter the cult camp. They had some drinking games, listened to bad renditions of Wonderwall, and also managed to break in and steal the other gathered holy artifacts meant for sacrifice in the ritual: a Ring of Sunlight (Ra), a Coin of Anubis, a Scrying Orb (At’ena), a Dagger of T’or, and a Blank Journal of Tarus. They stole the items away and tried to make their escape until stopped at the gate by Gallathrax and Davlosh. By stalling them, Man casted the spell well and sent them falling to their incendiary deaths in the caldera of magma below.
The party ran down the mountain and through the jungle, back to the beach where their ship was waiting, and after performing a flawless a 71-point-turn, started heading on course to Helmrest… but the Children of the Brine were hot on their tails, starting to board their own ships and sail in pursuit!

Noteworthy Postgame Events