September 04, 2021

Game Start Date
Game Master
Eric Liu
Pyke the Ripper


Dead Man's Water - RMS HOA II - Session 0

Plot Synopsis

Our group of lively adventurers joined together for the first time at Craig’s List… but quickly discovered that Craig, a true pillarstone of the Helmrest community, was nowhere to be found! Instead, standing in front of the posting board was Melog, a colorfully dressed individual who had just put up a call to adventure, involving a mysterious treasure map and arcane grimoire, both written in Infernal…
These objects were retrieved by Aerith and Melog on a previous adventure a few days prior, where they were requested to retrieve an artifact of Neptune, the Helm of Tempests, and happened upon them while searching the captains quarters of a sunken ship in The Lost Reef.
A large group gathered, some drawn in by the prospect of money (grant money from the University of Helmrest promised 200 gold to the adventurers who investigated the island on the map), others drawn in for a need to leave Helmrest, and others drawn in by a commotion involving thrown pocket sand, quickly followed by a jet of water and a blow-dry service. Nevertheless, the group of 11 adventurers banded together and headed towards their ship, the Rhine Maritime Ship Home-Owners’ Association Two (RMS HOA II), which they discovered currently did not have a captain, and met a friendly and (to some) familiar face: Okul, the Shellbearer Quartermaster of the RMS HOA II.
The group decided to first travel to Sunkissed Pier on Devimetra, on the way to the mysterious Isle in Kraken’s Pass. After departing on their journey, they spotted a merchant ship, nearly dead in the water, and using a spyglass, saw that a group of skeletons had boarded and encircled the crew of merchants…

Noteworthy Postgame Events