September 04, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Lauren Gardner
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I require some adventurers to go fetch some papers from the archives. There will be money.

Plot Synopsis

Brought together from across the lands by a suspiciously vague flyer, our adventurers found themselves in the winding city of Helmsrest. All gradually made their way to the grey polished cobblestone monolith that is the University of Helmsrest. After harassing an unfortunate receptionist for the whereabouts of the individual who posted the flyer, they were eventually led to the office of Dr. Fatima Abuduan. After a rather concerning introduction and a loose promise of money, they were promptly sent to the Taursian archives with a “special pin” to get them through the door.
Upon entering the archives (top appearance resembling a hybrid of the Sydney Opera house and the parthenon, the inside uncomfortably sterile, and the research areas and storage areas are all located in the basement in a number of winding tunnels and unmarked and guarded doors), they requested to meet with a man named Jerral, the poor Taursian priest tasked with dealing with all things Fatima related. After a quick introduction, the party then moved to the basement and through a number of twisting hallways and doors until they reached a few cubicles. Jerral informed the party that they were to wait there while he fetched the file of papers meant for Fatima from his office.
While he was gone, a few of the party members got into some shenanigans. Some attempted to steal papers from a few of the desks, and others harassed a Taursian just doing paperwork in his office. While attempting to pilfer through a stack of papers, one of the party members got caught by an angrier than normal Jerral. After being forcefully escorted to the rest of the group, Jerrel told the party that there was a problem...

Noteworthy Postgame Events