October 31, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)
D'leyna Ciedrith (Mini tank/lawnmower, famous for her omnipresent golf bag o' weapons.)
Daglon (T'or has returned to his full glory. Those who have avoided His justice will now have it brought to them.)
Fred (He hates everything!)


People needed immediately to eliminate a grotesque monster.

Plot Synopsis

After the party arrives and the normal pleasantries are exchanged then particulars of the mission are divulged. The party is informed that several people have gone missing over the past few months and everyone around in the immediate area of their disappearance is mutilated and killed, leaving no witnesses. Devass is willing to pay 500 silver pieces for info regarding the location or the person or persons involved. 1000 silver pieces will be paid if they managed to capture of kill said person(s). The party agrees to this and heads out for a long boat ride, even with the help of an airmage.

The party decides that a stop at the last notable island ring to see if they can find a priest of Anubis that would be willing to come along might be a wise move. After some searching they find one.

Once they reach their destination they locate a family that is willing to allow the priest to using his "abilities" on one of the family members that had been killed. The party then digs up grandma and he does his thing. He discovers that she died of a heart attack when someone stabs her. After some more casting they gain little more information. Fred decided that finding another priest might be helpful so he goes to the temple of Orus. There, he finds someone that can cast reveal the past. From that they gather more details (and Fred a blessing). They decided to go to the last island that experienced an attack.

Once there, Daglon decided to question a local marine about any cave systems in the area that might be good for something like this. From that marine he discovers three possible islands, one that they rule out quickly. Fred investigates these two islands and finds that one has a underwater cave entrance that shows signs of habitation. He decides to collect the rest of the party. After Kulov casts iron lungs for most of the party they head down into that cave. D'layna decides that going down in that cave is not the wisest move so decides to stay with the ship, just incase.

As they delve into the tunnels they find that the smell quickly becomes overwhelming. Several of the party members even decided to reevaluate their lunches. After some considerations they find a way to avoid the smell and continue onward. In this cave they come across some nicely preserved skins (presumed human). They also come across a man on a meat hook, which is suspended from the ceiling. They manage to get him down (after removing his soul). Moving further along Daglon finds an opening that he cannot enter. Selina announces that " I will breach the ward" and walks through, triggering a siren to kill the people she came with. And so the fun begins. After taking several fireballs, lightening bolts, scythes, and some stressing the party scatters (leaving Fred to fight Selina). Kulov is near death (surprise, surprise) and most of the party is injured. After a while combat stops. The party decides to continue pressing forward (minus Selina who is no where to be found). While they are searching Selina informs the party of what happened, but they are reluctant to believe her. Really having not other options they continue with the mission anyway. During the search the party also comes across someone buried behind a wall. After quite a bit of work they managed to get him out. They also find a woman that has been strung up on a wall as well as a series of jars (which they later take with them and split up).

Then comes the time to leave Kulov takes a nap (being nearly drained of units). While the party continues you search around the place (as well as getting the three people they found back to the ship). After waiting for eight hours they make their way out. Devass pays them their 500 silver and the three people are taken back to Rougterro for healing and the like.

Noteworthy events: Selina misses her chance to kill the party, better luck next time.

Noteworthy Postgame Events