September 01, 2021

Game End Date
Game Master
Ryan Sciorilli
Bennett (William)


Liberation of Polis - Grand Finale

Plot Synopsis

Serving as the closing chapter to both the Excalibur and Escort Duty campaigns, the Liberation of Polis saw a party composed of Mercy, Nys, Wyren, William, Tippi, Spite, and newcomer Atreus traveling to the hilly valleys and tundras just outside the city of Polis to eliminate the main camp of the Silhouette crime syndicate who were seeking to occupy and effectively control Polis. The mission opened with a lengthy battle at the Silhouette camp in which one of their stealth airships was destroyed by Wyren, who then used the captured House Castefort airship (from Escort Duty) to ram and smash all the other Silhouettes. At the same time, a small skirmish took place in the forest surrounding the camp where the newcomer, Atreus, proved his mettle in combat by 1v1-ing an experienced mercenary until Wyren decided to "assist" with his massive shotgun. Following this, party returned to the Excalibur and Nys's airship, the "Fata Morgana", to pursue the fleeing Silhouettes into Polis itself. In an attempt to split the adventurers, the Silhouettes herded a sizable portion of the Polis populace into an armed hostage situation in the town hall while their regional leader, Tassarion Liaydark, ensconced himself in a nondescript townhouse with Fandral Castefort, the emissary whose actions kicked things off in the beginning, as his own hostage. Fandral was later killed by Spite when he landed on top of the house as party assaulted Tassarion and his elite guard. During this confrontation, Nys was Mesmerized by Tassarion which prompted the emergence of their demonic alter ego Calak, who Tassarion promptly turned against party only for it to backfire as the demon began attacking his guards. Attempting to flee, Tassarion was able to make it a brief way down the street before Wyren and Atreus combined themselves into a living ball-and-chain for Spite to launch at him. Turning around and seeing his imminent defeat, Tassarion made a desperate last-ditch attempt to repel them by burning all his spell units into a single massive cast of Wrath, but it proved to just not be enough as party overpowered, captured and incarcerated him for transport to Nys's Lighthouse in Midnight's Rest.

Magic Item Rewards:
Nys: RTS004, RTS013
Sander: RTS005
Wyren: RTS007
Atreus: RTS009
Mercy: RTS010, RTS013

Noteworthy Postgame Events