August 11, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Ryan Sciorilli
Nys (cameo appearance at the very end)


Multiverse of Madness: THE GRAND FINALE

Plot Synopsis

After exploring Thresh's palace, the party encountered the Abyss in the courtyard. The mist called to Wyren, causing him to jump into the Abyss, where he came face to face with Thresh. After failing a powerful Mesmerzie, Wyren voluntarily transformed into Asher and battled party for a couple rounds before the spell was broken, and party then converged on Thresh. They managed to defeat him through a combination of powerful attacks that culminated in the permanent subjugation of Thresh and his soul's imprisonment in his own lantern (RTS011) which was taken by Wyren and Nys for investigation. As rewards for being the first ever victors on Multiverse of Madness, party received 1.5 EPs, 100 gold each, and their choice of RTS001 and RTS002. Wyren and Ravanal chose copies of RTS001, and the Fish took RTS002. Tippi was not eligible for rewards, and neither was Nys (her reward was chewing out Wyren on public livestreamed TV). This concludes the first season of Multiverse of Madness with Ugyr Stormclaw. Season 2 is set to air sometimes in the next few months, and will take place in the Destiny universe (rolled to determine based off a list).

Noteworthy Postgame Events