August 09, 2021

Game Master
Zteven Berns


The Viper

Plot Synopsis

Party went to the capital of Ruefang, Chongbai, to answer the call of Tragan lightstone, a new noble within the Ruefang government, to fight off invaders from Splint and to capture their leader known as "the Viper", after meeting with a group of mercenaries from Centralia (led by none other than Avery Cromwell III), party managed to make it inside of the fortress by battling a small host of enemies, party eventually confronted the viper himself. the viper attempted to kill themselves using their Sabarium staff but they failed and were thus captured. Party returned with the viper and the day was won. but not without loss.

party earned standard exp, 200 gold plus an extra 30 gold for completing the side objective.

Zteven Berns was KIA by the viper and is now perma dead.

Noteworthy Postgame Events