May 15, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Ryan Sciorilli


Multiverse of Madness

Plot Synopsis

After resting at Yorick's abbey and gaining information about their target, the party prepared to press onward to the mountain hosting Thresh's palace. At the same time, Wyren was approached by the Spirit of Vengeance and was gifted the Scythe of the Culling (RTS003) to aid in his quest for vengeance. The next day, party travelled through a stretch of dark forest that was eerily silent, lacking even the sounds of wandering spirits. Alice encountered numerous "hallucinations" of a hooded figure speaking in Nys's voice constantly asking her to follow them, saying they had something important for Alice to see. Eventually, getting fed up with the figure's nagging but still not trusting it, Alice and Wyren followed the figure into a pitch-black cave with odd runes and symbols carved on the wall. At the back, they encountered Nys's dead body, and a being that called itself Nocturne, the demon of eternal nightmares. After a harrowing Indiana Jones-style escape during which they were chased by a large rolling ball of angry spectres, they escaped the cave and reunited with party to continue their exploration. While scaling the mountain, they encountered one of Thresh's grisly torture areas, filled with spirits chained over flames formed by their own life essence. Using the Scythe of the Culling, party was able to free around 20 of the spirits, with Wyren voluntarily hosting a spirit named Jay who became an ally that sometimes forces Wyren to speak in a Southern accent, and also takes over Wyren's vocal cords when he feels in the mood. In thanks for their freedom, the spirits surrounded party with Black Mist camouflage to disguise them as fellow spectres, and the game ended with party preparing their incursion into Thresh's fortress. All involved characters were awarded standard EPs, and Wyren received magic item RTS003.

Noteworthy Postgame Events