July 29, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Ryan Sciorilli


The Excalibur Job - Episode 3(?)

Plot Synopsis

Managing to stop the Excalibur from smashing into the side of a mountain, the party managed to fight off the Silhouettes and turn an imminent crash into a controlled glide. After regaining control of the ship, the Silhouettes took the opportunity to escape to the skies wearing wingsuits, heading towards the mountainside plateau that housed one of their supply bases. Mid-flight, Tassarion Liaydark managed to incapacitate Spite (who was in hot pursuit) with a well-timed WItchy Sleep, taking him out of the fight and enabling them to escape unimpeded as party made their efforts to rescue the chimera. They landed the Excalibur, spent a long and well-deserved rest, and in the morning refuelled the Excalibur and Nys's ship for an assault on the base. While gearing up, they discovered the prototype weapons stashed in the Excalibur's armory (RTS004 - 010) and claim them (with Flavio's permission) to use in their attack. Soon after storming the base, they rescued a pair of technicians who were able to tell them of the Silhouette's plot to seize control of Polis and, by extension, the budding transportation network under House Castefort that would span all of Cahyali. Preparing for a full-scale attack on the Silhouette's main headquarters outside of Polis, the game ended with party making plans to rescue the hostages and storm the facility. All associated characters received standard EPs, and characters were granted magic items.

-Nys: RTS004
-Wyren: RTS007
-Sander: RTS005 (might switch to RTS009)
-Spite: RTS008 (temporary)
-unclaimed items: RTS006

Noteworthy Postgame Events