July 25, 2021

Game Master


The Master's Temple

Plot Synopsis

The Council of Ruefang hired adventurers to go an investigate an old temple deep within the mountains to the far west of the continent. they believed the temple belonged to an ancient group of warriors known as "the Masters". Party arrives at a mountain complex where they find the temple compound to be abandoned, after some investigation the party finds that the temple was inhabited by spirits called "Sword Guardians", the ancient spirits of the warriors who inhabited this temple now infused with their weapons and armor.

Party challenged one of these spirits as a trial and succeeded. Eventually party found and recovered many lost teachings of the master before they went to the dojo and challenged the ancient spirit of grand master Haji, one of the eight masters. after defeating the spirit, grand master Haji allowed party to take the two swords he wielded in life before departing to the afterlife. after that party returned to the capital of Ruefang.

Noteworthy Postgame Events