July 20, 2021

Game Master
William Reed
Zagreus Ashtani


Quest for the Golden Gears (part 1)

Plot Synopsis

(very quick note, While this write up says I was the GM I was not, I and Blas were co-GMs for the new GM Parker, since he does not have an account set up yet I am putting in this write up for him)

A few days ago, another moon like planet has collided with the planet of Jaern, the mages guild of Centralia hired adventurers to explore the new world that has collided with Jaern. the party met signed up to explore the new world and thanks to a portal constructed by the mages guild. After going through the party did not end up in the intended destination and instead were transported to the bottom of a mine.

after some time and encounter a tribe of goblins that party ended up sealing away inside of the mine, the party encountered a massive train that was heading towards a city called "Rougshaven", the ended up getting arrested by the soldiers on the train who decided to escort them to the city were they could be further interrogated. however the train was stopped by a massive bear like creature that summoned smaller creatures. Party fought to defend the train from this creature and soon the beast was defeated with a final blow from William. However the beast has caused strange mutations on some of the party, hoping to eventually find more answers the party continues on the city of Rougshaven.

Noteworthy Postgame Events