June 23, 2021

Game Master
Enuma Elish
Zteven Berns


The Ring (part 1)

Plot Synopsis

Having taken up a quest from House Veles to investigate a strange city in the middle of the Titan's Maw. Party recounted all of the information that they have acquired through their adventures about the beast of the black sun while traveling to their destination. Once their party set out on a five day expedition towards the Great Ring. The only city within the Titan's Maw. While traveling the party learned more from the locals and from the Gate Guardians Ameth and Ma'at about "the beast". While their Simon performed a sacrificial ritual to the gate guardian Ma'at, for his offering he was named "Warden of Ma'at". Eventually party was briefly attacked by the great gull of fire and thunder Ce-leyak, though they were unable to kill it they most certainly wounded it and caused it to flee.

Eventually party made it to the Great Ring, in the center guarded by the elves was a former temple of Ra that had been changed into some sort of temple to a gate guardian. Once they made it inside they encountered Lord Veles who was tied up and beaten. However before they could question him further they were followed by Kelia Cromwell who, in a fit of delusional madness. Completed the ritual to summon the beast of the dark sun to Jaern. Now it hangs over the entire planet, waiting to be released.

Noteworthy Postgame Events