November 13, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Daglon (T'or has returned to his full glory. Those who have avoided His justice will now have it brought to them.)
Carl Liston (Lord Carl of Centralia)
Sonny - Priest of Ra


You recieve a letter from Brother Sonny of the Rougtero Solarium requesting your help.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers meet at the Solarium and are greeted by Sonny. He explains that there has recently been an escape of three powerful Hirudo from a magical confinement. From an informant, they have tracked the Hirudo to a residence in Centralia City. Sonny would like the party to go and take care of the problem. He informs the group that the local gaurds have been informed of the operation and will not interfere provided the adventurers limit their hostilities toward the Hirudo.

The party comes up with the possiblity of getting the Hirudo to turn on one another and take care of each other while the adventurers do very little. Sonny informs them that the Hirudo are sisters and are unlikely to be tricked into fighting on another. After Karl entertains rather inappropriate thoughts of what he could do with three sisters, the group descide to go look at the situation and come up with an alternate plan.

Upon arriving in Centralia, Jenny goes and scouts out the area. She returns with a basic layout of the building and the knowledge there are two women inside, neither of whom match the descriptions they were given. Undawnted, Val defers some Halt Times for Jenny who catches each woman in a seperate field.

Karl, and his faithful stead Ears, take up scouting positions in the yard across the street. After a brief confrontation with the house's owner and a gaurd who seems unwilling to take on Karl, he goes and hides in a tree in the yard. Val promptly moves into Karl's old spot. The owner of the house mumbles under his breath, gives up, and goes back inside. Darnell then proceed to fly onto the roof. The rest of the party assembles near the Halt Timed women in the house.

Jenny drops the first Halt Time and the party shreds the first woman. Daglon using his "Torite Sense" realizes that Jenny has killed an innocent woman. Daglon takes a swing at her, missing wide. There is a short combat in which no one is injured. The second Halt Time is dropped and the woman proptly Devine Words to "Do Nothing." Most of the party is stopped by these words except for Daglon on Loten, who promptly do nothing as to avoid being a target.

The woman investigates the group, picks up a sword from near by, and then grapples Timadar (who unwisely choose to advertise his affiliation with Ra) one handed. Before she can do anything else, Daglon attacks and Loten runs from the building screaming. Daglon engages the woman in single combat, managing to disarm the woman before she is able to attack him further. He then proceeds to get hit with a multitude of spells before reinforcements arrive.

Val arrives at the house and uses a spell to begin inflicting damage on the woman and Daglon. On the second volley Daglon miraculously trips on the carpet and falls to the ground stunned, narrowly missing a leathal blast from Val's magic. The woman then lightning bolts Daglon into consciousness. Shortly after Daglon is subdued, Karl comes to his aid. Karl uses his bow to pin the woman to the wall with arrows. Val continues to blast her with spells until she dies.

As they are begining to get things under control, another woman comes running up the stairs. She procedes to tackle Karl and electric shock him. Karl, no longer in a playful mood, proceeds to break grapple, regrapple her and kosh her against the floor. As this is happening, Darnell is stalking an elderly couple walking down the street infront of the house.

The party begins to search the house, eventually coming out of the divine word. Most of the party puts in ear plugs for fear of another Devine word, as one Hirudo is left unaccounted for. As they continue looting, a third woman appears in the hallway and is promptly Halt Timed. Karl sets up a tricky assassination attempt and the rest of the party gets in position to attack the newcomer.

The halt time is dropped, Inbred and Karl hear "Kill everyone in the house but me," Inbred succumbing to the devine word. Karl shoots the woman while Jenny claws her and Loten sets off a massive quanties of defered spells. While the party inflicts massive damage, it is insufficient to finish her off. She disappears, leaving behind a pile of clothes.

The party then finishes their search and finds several magical items which they have identified. While splitting up loot, Karl chooses to take his captive Hirudo home in lew of treasure. Some of the party returns to Roughtero to inform Sonny of what happened while many others simply forgo payment and go about their bussiness in Centralia. Karl takes home his new friend and amuses himself at her expense...

Experience - 2700
Payment - 1000sp plus loot

Noteworthy Postgame Events