May 12, 2021

Game Master


Kroan Exploration

Plot Synopsis

Meeting with the hirer Alexander Cromwell. Party learns of an ancient empire known as "The Kingdom of the Veil" that once ruled the Kroan desert 1,000 years ago but was destroyed by some monster. The party set out through the desert dealing with the massive heat and a giant undead scorpion man. arriving at the city of Tepis the party perused through the massive entertainment district and trade district of Tepis, eventually after a short shopping trip they went to a brothel to meet with Alexander's contact who told them where to find the monument.

Upon arrival party investigated the monument which depicted scenes these veil people's life. learning that these people could summon demons to aid them. Eventually they went into a pyramid complex and a series of chambers that tested their moral fiber and character. Upon entering the final chamber they were each judged by a powerful demon who deemed them worthy. at the end they found what Alexander had been looking for, a dagger with one half of the blade being black and the other pure silver.

Noteworthy Postgame Events