April 17, 2021

Game Master
Enuma Elish
Dr. Mario


Retrieve my son (Titan's Maw)

Plot Synopsis

The party was sent back to the Titan's Maw to retrieve Lord Avery Cromwell III at the behest of his "delightful" mother Kelia Cromwell. Making it back to the island without any incident, the party proceeded further inland to the northeast of the island looking for Avery. Along the way they came across a strange ape like creature known as a "Semar" that was slightly larger than a toddler, the ape took one of Dr. Mario's adamant swords and ran off. Eventually party made it to The Falls, a massive river that ended in a waterfall where many Indigenous tribes gathered to barter and trade.

However this lovely scene was cut short by the arrival of "Blade", a massive, 300 foot long saber tooth tiger. After surviving a close encounter with Blade, partly learned by using Enuma's nomadic abilities that Avery was trapped inside the den of Blade. After a fearsome chase and some clever use of the terrain, party managed to kill Blade by having him fall to his death. After ward party returned Avery back home to Centralia.

Noteworthy Postgame Events