April 17, 2021

Game Master
Ben Mirvish
Midna Atmest
Nys-With-Violet-Eyes (Human Mimic (Changeling))
Cal 'The Jackal' Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)


"The old man found something "Interesting" in the swamps. Please make sure this won't become a major problem." - Lady Valerie

Plot Synopsis

The party was hired to investigate the site of a new construction for the Gulgari tomb, which had broken in to some sort of underground structure. Party proceeded to the excavation site and found that the outside of the structure had been ripped away, revealing a copper lattice underneath. Party slipped through the lattice and descended via rope into the cavern, which was then lit up via Midna and Cal's sunlight effects. Below them they saw a massive magic circle, with a solid blue field spell within it. Around the edges of the chamber were worktables and notes, carved into stone slabs. After reaching the ground and investigating further, Midna's fox was able to translate the notes, which were written in Draconic. The cavern turned out to be the hibernation pod of Uskgix, a fairly talented dragon artificer and earth mage, who had developed his own hibernation method separate from the other dragons, and said hibernation pod had fallen to Jearn from Turandor centuries ago. Upon investigating deeper into the pod, party found a massive chamber below the main one which contained the controls for the blue field deactivation. While the main blue field activation/deactivation system was undamaged, the clock that was used to indicate when the field was to go down had been destroyed during the landing and the automata that would have repaired it were similarly destroyed. Midna attempted to take one of the destroyed automata to study, but by placing it in her portal bag, she unknowingly tripped a proximity alarm that was intended to report lost or rogue automata leaving the room. This caused the few undamaged automatons to reboot and reprioritize to fixing the damaged machinery, which they immediately set out to do. As party watched and debated whether to help wake up the dragon or to let him sleep, Pakul wandered off to investigate the other rooms, finding a storage room, unknown locked room, and bedroom in the pod before the rest of party minus Midna caught up. Proceeding to the final intact room, party found it to be a relatively undamaged workshop, and, having called Midna over, began to investigate. They found a few automata, one of which, a sawblade drone, was repaired by Midna from two broken ones, and was added to her inventory. Finally, party grouped up to investigate the sealed room, which turned out to be the vault. Cal attempted to cut his way into the room through the wall with his lightsaber, and while he was successful in cutting through the wall, he set off a purely mechanical trap hidden within the wall, which sicced the three nearby gargoyles on party. After fighting off the Gargoyles, party investigated the vault and found it to be mostly based on mechanical devices, though there was enough loot for each of them to take 200 gold apiece. Of the party, only Nys took gold from the vault. Party then returned to the surface and made their report. All of party was paid 100 gold and 2500 exp apiece.

Noteworthy Postgame Events