November 06, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Roan (Air Mage Extraordinaire...or something like that.)
Daglon (T'or has returned to his full glory. Those who have avoided His justice will now have it brought to them.)
'Gorgeous' Jorjis Grott (The Ladies' Badass (Temporarily MIA))
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Rock monster


Brave fighters needed to remove a dangerous cave "animal." Payment in cash after success. If interested ask for Hewitt at Accelor Shots by 2pm.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers trickle in and find Hewitt without much trouble, just some rough housing between Dom and Tanis. Once things settle down Hewitt explains that there is what is believed to be a rock creature stopping caravans traveling through the mountain pass leading to his village. A payment of 875 silver is agreed upon and the party follows Hewitt though a series of portals. After several hours of travel they find themselves in a small farm village. They will stay the night in a local hotel and travel up to the pass in the morning. While most of the party is sleeping Jorjis decided to try to steal a chicken. He makes it all the way to the coup but the sound of the door opening spooks the wingless four legged chickens. This in turns scares Jorjis who decides he is no match for the chickens.

Once morning comes the party starts to trickle down stairs for breakfast. Daglon has this urge to fight injustice wanders outside with only his sleeping clothes on and his sword in hand. He later returns will a melon, which he shares with anyone that wants some. After gathering together the party they, with Hewitt as their guide, head towards the mountain. The party decides to go for the straightforward approach and go all the way up to the cave, leaving Hewitt by the road. Once they reach the entrance Tanis goes in, followed by Dom on the ceiling, and then the rest of the party.

The first thing of note they come across is a pit. It is a two-foot across, one foot deep and doesn't look natural at all. They spend quite a bit of time playing with the pit, eventually (after finding that it was not fun at all) they leave it, after Tanis fills it with pills (which Jamgeon later takes). At this point several party member begin to feel the ground shake. Most of them duck behind cover and several head back towards the entrance. Nothing appears to happen so they continue forward.

The next noteworthy event was a split in the tunnel. One fork appeared to be filled with large bats, so they wisely take the other path. After quite a bit of walking they find the end of the tunnel and many pits, some of different sizes, but none of them natural. Several party members take turns messing around with the pits to see if this will attract the monster. After quite a bit of this they hear another rumbling and the ground begins to shake. Several party members started to head towards the exit just to find the way had been blocked by a large rock. Tanis decides to try and communicate with it. He gives it a "blue pill" by poking it into one of its crevices. He then talks Paroli at it. This causes some entish groaning which, luckily, Halima recognizes. After a lot of conversing very slowly Halima manages to piece together some of what has been happening (as well as getting the creature to move so that they can pass by). She decides that this creature probably didn't stop the caravan that another group of people did. After some more communication she find out there this creature puts things back in the earth that it thinks are ugly, mostly worked metals and other things people have been leaving here as offerings. So being the true adventurer she beings to trade. Daglon, Jorjis and Aracondis take to this as well. They manage to get a variety of strange items from this creature, many of which they know not the function… except for the rock that Jorjis got, that was pretty obvious.

The rest of the party decides to go play with the bats and see what is down the other tunnel. Down that other tunnel they find more pits and nothing else of interest. At this point Dom decides to find a way to collapse the tunnel, finding no simple way he diverts his attentions elsewhere. Tanis on the other hand yells at the bats, one of which flies out of the cave.

Once the rest of the party runs out of things to trade they get back down to business. They convince the rock monster to lead them to the camping site where he last saw the caravan. Once there Halima and Dom being sniffing around. It appears that the caravan was here and that is was followed out by another group, possibly the attacking team. They decide to camp there for the night.

Early the next morning the rock creature comes back to tell them that there were people in his cave making more holes. They hurry back. Daglon is the first inside, followed closely by the rest of the group. Jamgeon casts a spell making it harder for anyone to exit that tunnel. A fireball soon engulfs the party, missing only Daglon. Combat begins. Both Daglon and Tanis get immobilized in the first few rounds. Halima Divine Words everyone to not use spells. Dom crits several people, who became very unhappy very quickly. Aracondis gets in a bad mix and after several rounds is killed. One guy manages to run out of the cave and is never caught. After combat Dom searches for the remaining people, he finds both of them they, had been turned to stone.

After talking to one of the baddies that survived they find out that they had attacked the caravan killed the people and sold the goods. The party reports this information to Hewitt and the information regarding the rock monster. They are paid and return to Jaern.

Noteworthy events: Aracondis dies, two weeks in a row… not bad.
Payment 875 silver and some people got some odd items
Eeps 2800 to those surviving.

Noteworthy Postgame Events