April 13, 2021

Game Master
Eric Liu
Hendrick Winston


From the Jaws of Death! S02E05

Plot Synopsis

The contestants are joined by guest star Tippi. After a grueling combat, and acquiring some apprentice robes, they trudge through the Masters' Domain, reaching the Hall of Necromancy, where they met Phaia, a Red Wizard necromancer. After convincing her they were "new hires", she instructed them to acquire a sacrifice to go over the basic of necromantic rituals with Hendrick. Using Quintessence, Hendrick skipped himself, a victim, and Phaia 1 minute into the future, where a rock wall from Ravanal was used to kill her. Unable to question her in her state, Enkidu DI'd to Hangman successfully, who allowed Enkidu to detach his soul to talk to Phaia's soul, and also cursed Ravanal by imbuing him with the gift of life. After finding out how to reach the Phylactery Vault, the contestants disrupted more of the black gates, and prepared to journey to the Temples of Extraction... For her guest star role, Tippi received a 10-die quality fluffy coat.

Noteworthy Postgame Events