April 10, 2021

Game Master
Eric Liu
The Traveling Jew (TJ)
Kygar Whirlwind
Steven Berns
Cal Trout
Tesco Samson
Erik Abbond
Ricky Lawbringer


TotNK Session 10

Plot Synopsis

In the aftermath of the Convent, Tyrone and Kygar lie dead on the floor as the rest of the party quickly gather their bearings and head back into town to find an Asetite (Cahyalian name for Isisites) to get the two their free Isis res. After they regained consciousness, they met a new adventurer named Lavare who joins the party just in time for Kygar to be reunited with the dog from Djin-Serai, and they surmise that the village had been burnt down. The adventurers have quite a lot of bonding time with new interpersonal revelations and tensing relationships as they slowly come to the agreement to stop by Tajsun to restock up on supplies before they go attack the Castle of Nightmares (and to allow Steven to carpet bomb the Black Market). Here they had some discussions about Azeroth with Aberforth and illicit dealings and reintroductions with the Mishrites in Tajsun. Steven goes through with his revenge plan and ends up being killed via magic item destruction repercussions. The party rushed Steven's corpse to an Asetite who attempted to revive him, and after a long trial before the gods themselves, they decided to allow Steven to live for the time being on the stipulation that he become a better person and he take damage every time he hurts someone innocent. The party bought him clothes and started to head over to Lyanova Cliffs, on the way to the Castle of Nightmares.

Noteworthy Postgame Events