April 03, 2021

Game Start Date
Game Master
Eric Liu


Midna Expedition Session 2

Plot Synopsis

The Upright arrives in Sukē Nera, an island on the southwestern tip of the Shinneok peninsula. There, they participate in festivities related to the Mid-Akvofojo Festival, and meet some Oxis Alliance Guards, as well as hear about the dark workings of the Ystervuis. They, along with two of the crew of the Upright, sign up for the coliseum Grand Bout that night, facing off against various captured monsters, competing with the Navy Sharks (Oxis Alliance Guard team) and the Red Claws (Lizard home team). After surviving the first two rounds, they witness the assassination of Kura Tansei, the Guiding Hand of Shinneok. Wyren chased after the assassin, who bore the colors of the Ystervuis, and escaped with the help of a smoke bombard. Troubling rumors of a war between the Oxis Alliance and the nation of Pthora spread...

Noteworthy Postgame Events