March 27, 2021

Game Master
Eric Liu
The Traveling Jew (TJ)
Tesco Samson
Cal Trout
Steven Berns


TotNK Session 8

Plot Synopsis

The party defeats the charging shark quickly, and they scavenge through its remains and strip it of its teeth and meat. As the Traveling Jew (TJ) investigates a statue, Tesco breakf of its hand, which appears to be grasping a stone hilt without a blade, and alos one of its feet. TJ casts object delve on it, and leans that the staute once depicted a holy paladin of the Dawn, Azeroth. Notably, the statue appeared to be weilding a blade of pure sunlight. The party continues deeper into the fort, distracting and avoiding that large crab like creatures as best they can. Usng a map scroll, they reveal a layout of the submerged fort, and decide to start heading towards the armory. On the way there, they pass through a banquet hall filled with dark shadowy creatures, fish-like faces with black pupil-less eyes, rows of lamprey-like teeth as well as spined claws. TJ warns the party, but Tesco charges in to collect some of the rusted silverware lying in the sand. The creatures attack, and the party is able to fend them off. They enter into the armory and find many bits and pieces of rusty equipment from ages past, as well as an crack in the stone above tha leads out onto the open lake. They then make their way towards the chapel, where they see the blade of sunlight from earlier, wedged between some rocks and sticking up out of the ground. TJ place-delves, and is able to see that the rubble in the room is actually a sea golem, a protective construct placed to guard the fort once, long ago. He rushes in quickly, and casts spell scan on the sword blade, and is able to receive the Daytime spell from the blade. Running back, he casts it quickly as daylight erupts out of his form, causing the golem to de-animate, at least temporarily. They leave the fort ruins and return to find Steven Berns constructing a sand castle around their various belongings. They finish up some shopping and bartering at t othe various wagons and stall around the tower, and decide to journey and meet the others at Zhemenka. TJ decides to stay behind for a day and learn the basics of reviving and subduing from some Asetities (Cahyalian Isisites), promising to avoid killing any living thing if at all possible. The others journey down the road and then through a series of moldy wooden arches, with wooden wind chimes clinking in the breeze. They eventually come to the town, meeting with a blind beggar, who gives them a minor prophecy and some guidance, before they see a large mob gathering in the town...

Noteworthy Postgame Events