October 23, 2004

Game Start Date
4/21/ 10044
Game Master
Mark Hulsman
Oka-La Homa


Your on X street in Rougtero when...

Plot Synopsis

The adventure actually started slightly before the hook at about 6 in the morning when Cyprus woke up from a drunken stupor on his couch with someone poking him. He woke up to see a large demon looming over him and immediately began saying how much he loved demons and how cool they are. The demon asked him who he was and how it got there, Cyprus explained who he was and that this is his apartment in Rougtero and that the demon came through Cyprus's teleportation circle in his bedroom that leads to a demon plane. In exchange for the information the demon said he wouldn't kill Cyprus right away.

Cyprus then went with the demon through the circle of teleporting next to his bed and showed the demon how it led to and from a cave in his plane. Then he invited the demon to look around his home plane of Jaern. So they went back to his apartment and out the front door. And so about 6:30 in the morning while most fo the inhabitants of Rougtero were still passed out, Kirath, Oka-La Homa, and Aracondus were in this street in Rougtero when a demon followed Cyprus out of his apartment.

Suprisingly enough no one ran or attacked, they all just said hi and the demon proclaimed he was now their master Grakdar, they readily agreed. Oka-La asked the demon if he could be its bodyguard and after some negotiation it agreed. It asked them a few questions about this world and decided that its a ncie place, so it should conquer part of it. Not being a particularly high ranking or powerful demon, it decided to raise an army before trying to take anything over and the characters agreed to help it raise a demonic army. So they all proceeded back into Cyprus's bedroom and into the demon plane.

They ended up back in the cave and Oka-La dragged Cyprus's dresser through with him, so he decided Kirath could use some target practice using Cyprus's underwear. After Kirath shot and destroyed several pairs of underwear, Cyprus got fed up and used the Orus spell Shun on Oka-La which he filed to resist so he looked horrid for 20 minutes. Some party combat ensued and Kirath wandered off to explore the cave with Aracondus. Tjhey saw lots of moaning souls embedded in the walls and huge lava flows before the party caught up with them and the demon led them out of the cave.

They emerged on a huge desolate plain with scattered black fortresses of doom and weird creatures flying overhead. The demon said the easiest way to start would be to make a bunch of cannon fodder, so the party marched off to the spawning pits a few miles away. When they got there they found a depression filled with a bubbling grey goo and a pen full of maggot like creatures. The demon said anyone was free to use these facilities, but in reality it was not a high enough rank to do so or force others to follow it, so it had the PCs do it so that it could bypass the laws without breaking them. The characters proceeded to toss all 200 maggots into the pit where they slowly and painfully transformed into gaunt grey humanoids that proved to be strong, but mindless. The demon said that they made great cannon fodder because once they were killed their corpse made a large cloud of poison gas.

After this the demon summoned flying beasts drawing black flaming chariots to carry the party and their army to one of the fortresses where they could find more intelligent demons to telepathically command their army. They arrived at the fortress and left Aracondus and Oka-La outside to watch the army while the others went in to recruit. They crossed the moat of lava and went inside the entry hall to find it lined with black suits of full plate covered in spikes and sharp edges. Cyprus asked if he could have some armor and the demon said sure and found a suit to fit him. They continued on to the dining hall to find a lot of food and a few sucubui and many of their half-demon spawn. Cyprus went to talk to the half demons while Kirath headed straight for the succubi. Kirath tried a one die seduction check on them, while they used a three die on him. He went back to a bedroom with two of them and had some fun and convinced them to come to Jaern with him and he would get them lots of slaves to have fun with all the time.

Cyprus talked with the half-demons for a while, each one was a warrior wearing the same kind of full plate as he just aquired and they got along pretty good. He told them about the army and said they would get a share of the spoils in exchange for commanding their army and they readily accepted after he said what kinds of spoils Jaern has. They ended up getting 20 half-demons and 4 succubi to come back with the party. Meanwhile, outside Oka-La developed a conscience and told Aracondus he had an idea to destroy the army. Oka-La orders the army into the lava moat, but they stand in it unaffected. When the rest of the party emerges Oka-La tries to convince them that he was jsut giving them a bath, but Aracondus tattles on him saying he's disloyal. The demon says he must prove his loyalty and grapples Oka-La. he then dips Oka-La into the lava, who suprisingly emerges unharmed. The demon says the damage he prevented was jsut delayed and he will suffer it if he is ever disloyal, but really that would take to much effort so the demon jsut made the lava not hurt Oka-La and made that up.

Then Kirath says he wants to go back and scout Jaern to make sure no opposition is gathering and the demon says sure, so him and Aracondus proceed back to Jaern. He goes to the T'orite stockade to warn them of the demon army, they believe him because their high priest was on the adventure when the circle was created, so they tell him to go to the Enclave and begin making evacuation plans through their own teleport circle just in case. Kirath tells the enclave the same thing, but they laugh and say there can't be a portal here and ignore him. Kirath takes the boat to the portal farm and goes through a portal to the world where the person who made this teleportation circle lives. Theres no inhabitation near the portal, so Kirath goes and gets a defered Shadow Mount and flies to the city. He trades a few web grenades for a person to come back with him to get rid of the circle. After getting back to Jaern he takes the boat back to Rougtero.

Meanwhile the demon summons a few shadow cats to be scouts for their army and he agrees with the party that the last thing they need is a few mages, but he says they need something good to offer them right away because they are the most arrogant demons. After thinking a while, Cyprus says he can give them cool new divine spells and everyone agrees this would probably work. So they fly over to a big tower made fo bones and go in to talk to the spellcasting demons. After Cyprus tells them of his ability to give them divine spells, they agree to send 3 of their number along. Now that the army is assembled they march back to the cave.

Oka-La Homa goes through the circle first and comes back reporting that Claude is waiting on the other side. The demon asks who this Claude is and after hearing the explanation sends the cannon fodder through figuring they will overwhelm him with numbers or with a bunch of poison corpses. After waiting a few minutes for any poison to clear, the rest proceed through. They find all the cannon fodder intact and waiting in the apartment and Oka-La says Claude must have gotten scared and run away. The army marches out of the apartment into the street. Now that its later in the day, theres quite a bit of traffic in the street and all the people start running when the demon army pours out. Oka-La tries unsuccessfully to convince the demons that the guy running from a vegetable cart is a bad ass so they should kill him. No one is killed, jsut a few people get minor injuries from tripping or running into something.

The demons decide they need to make a stronghold around the circle leading to their home so that no one else can take it, so they begin tearing down the block of apartments it is in. A little while later a party of T'orites from the enclave comes up with a few other priests and a fire mage. After they begin the attack, the demons take quickness and the 3 casters each throw a fireball killing 2 of the T'orites that failed Ignore Heat and one of the priests. Oka-La Homa runs away and hides. The Half-demons each fire an arrow at another priest killing him after he's hit 15 times. The rest of the group sees the horde of 230 arrayed against them and wisely run away.

The demons finish razing the block without further interuption while Oka-La goes to the Erection trying to convince the Scroggites to attack hoping they will all be wiped out in the attempt. They don't listen to him and leave the demons alone as long as they stay away. At this point the demons begin sending groups back to take blocks of stone from the cave walls that contain the moaning souls. Once the blocks are brought back to Jaern, the souls are no longer visible, they are immaterial and slightly protect the stone from physical attacks. The demons begin construction on a small fortress.

Once they have about a 5 foot wall made, Kirath shows back up. After scouting he wisely dismisses the guy he brought back with him because theres no way to get to the portal. He casts longeyes and looks for suitable lightning bolt targets, but can't find any and leaves. By that evening the demons finish construction on their small fortess and after posting a few guards set up a small trading operation. Over the next few days they send 5000 silver to each of the people who's apartments they destroyed. The demons trade goods and services for other goods and services to any who wish to trade and everything returns to normal except for the fact that theres now a black fortress on the far eastern edge of Rougtero.

These demons are content with staying where they are and making honest trades with people for now. They will accept trades for souls if someone offers this first, but for now do not seek it out. For now they want to bide their time and counter the nefarious reputation with honest and fair deals to spread their influence.

The game ended late on 4/21, the same day it started.

Aftermath: Aracondus, Oka-La Homa, and Kirath all got their appearances and names changed. Cyprus is now second in command and quasi-diety of a small demon outpost and has probably set the record for the most powerful rate 4 PC ever.

Noteworthy Postgame Events