March 20, 2021

Game Master
Mae Viz
Enuma Elish
Dr. Mario


The Titan's Maw

Plot Synopsis

Traveling by ship for three weeks, the party travels with Lord Avery Cromwell III to the new island known as "the Titan's Maw". Having made it to the island the party, On the island they found that many of the creatures here have grown to enormous height and weight as well as discovering a new creature known as a "Dive Beetle". Mae found a journal as well as the ship of her father.

Eventually the party made their way to a ziggurat that seemed to belong to a group of nomads who seem to worship a being known as "Ameth". After three of the party partook in the ritual known as "Ameth's breath", some of party briefly were teleported to meet Ameth "the great sage", a giant spirit that resides in the Kurugo. Three of the party talked with Ameth before being transported back to their bodies. Mae and Enuma has decided to stay on the island for four weeks while the rest of party left the island back to Centralia City.

Noteworthy Postgame Events