March 13, 2021

Game Master
Kygar Whirlwind
Erik Abbadon
Ricky Lawbringer


TotNK session 6 (group 2)

Plot Synopsis

After returning the gold to the Mortimer family manor. The party of Kygar, Erik, Ricky, and Ravanal traveled down to the village of Zhemenka. There they were at first greeted by an angry mob of religious fanatics, however after some quick thinking and mentioning that they killed one of Azeroth's minions, the fanatics welcomed them as heroes and let them stay within the hunting lodge that they have converted into a barracks.

Erik cultivated a working relationship with the leader of the fanatics, Father Gasper, a priest of the dawn and inventor who believes that the only way to fight the demons is to create new weapons for the Dawn. Erik however learned the the ghost who tried to posses Erik has now bound itself to his soul. Party then settled down for the night. The next "morning", party interacted with the fanatics and learned that the healing church of Saint Heliana has been taken over by the forces of Azeroth. Party set about cultivating the good will of the fanatics in order to recruit them as potential allies.

Erik spent the day working with Father Gasper on new weapons, Ravanal set about training with members of his religious order who happened to be in the town, Ricky, noticing a strange messenger deliver somehting to Jin (the apprentice to Father Gasper) and pursued the messenger. Kygar set about training with Ravanal and the other monks when he met with Mira, one of the residents of the lodge who had fallen madly in love with Kygar after hearing his stories of heroism.

Ricky found the messenger and soon learned that Jin was planning on murdering Father Gasper and turning the town over to the Silhouettes in exchange for a cut of the profit. One angry mob later and Jin was taken captive by party, given a "fair and impartial judicial trial", and is being used to lure out more of the Silhouettes. The party sets up an ambush in the manor with Jin as the bait; Sato appears and after some tense negotiations, decides to turn on the Silhouettes and aid party and hunting down the 11 remaining Silhouette lieutenants that are still in the town.

Noteworthy Postgame Events